Thursday, April 17, 2014

Knock Down Networking Barriers

Events are the perfect environment for networking and turning chance meetings into lifelong connections on both a personal and professional level. Event Manager has some awesome suggestions for encouraging networking among attendees at your next event. Our favorites are:
  • Nix the Name Badges: Removing these badges can force you to initiate introductions and lead to people speaking to each other more and a more informal tone.
  •  Structure Networking: You can’t just assume networking will happen organically. Build in items to your event to encourage it, such as a “first-time attendee” or “young professionals” event or special session. 
  • Place Speakers Among Attendees: Having your speakers sit among the crowds during your event when they are not presenting can make them appear much more approachable to your attendees and encourage networking later on.

Check out the rest of the list and let us know what you think. Do you do anything special at your events or meetings to promote networking?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Benefits of Event Childcare

Event planners take note: A fabulous swag bag may not be enough to get attendees through the door these days. A recent blog by the Cincinnati USA Convention & Visitors Bureau describes the success and benefits they have found with offering child care at many of their events. On-site childcare has been found to: 

- Alleviate the stress of guests finding babysitters
- Increase guest attendance
- Increase the time attendees stay at an event
- Enable parents to check on their children at any time

Providing on-site childcare is just one example of an excellent perk that can turn a maybe-attendee into a definite-attendee! Do you have a great idea for attracting guests to your events?

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Event Tech Necessities

The world of event technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace. However, a few pieces of tech have established themselves as necessities at events.

Five in particular were highlighted on as “must-have technologies.” These technologies included:
  • Apple iPad registration kiosks. Setting up these kiosks is quick and easy, and it reduces check-in times for the attendees.
  • Countdown clocks. These clocks are a great way to keep speakers on-target during their presentations, keeping everyone on schedule.
  • Excellent audio equipment. It’s important that attendees can hear important announcement and speakers over the din of voices.

These are but a few of the technologies essential for today’s events. What other technologies are event must-haves?

Friday, March 21, 2014

Quirky Science Based Tips Can Improve Your Events

Every meeting and event planner strives to provide a unique and memorable experience to attendees that will have them talking and wanting more. The Appliance of Science: 39 Ways to Improve Your Meetings, recently published by the Meetology Group and the PCMA (Professional Convention Management Association), has some unusual suggestions utilizing scientific research to help.

Our favorite offbeat suggestions:

• Meet On the Floor. Scientists have found that laying down changes our blood flow, affecting the part of the brain that improves problem solving and creativity.

• Encourage Doodling. Researchers noted a rise in the recall levels of doodlers. Providing notepads, colored pencils or markers can encourage this.
• Who Do You Love? Psychologists have found that, when we think of the ones we love, we can become more creative. Keep this in mind and ask session participants to visualize loved one to get their creative juices pumping.

Read the entire document for 39 equally quirky ideas you may want to implement at your next event!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Vegas Makes Strides to be Center of “Green” Living

Vegas has much more to offer event planners and conference attendees than just the sparkling lights and casinos of The Strip. The lavishness Sin City is known for is rapidly making room for a much more eco-friendly reputation.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) has recently taken a hard stand on recycling and going green through the implementation  of sustainable products, energy-efficient lighting, water conservation, sustainable food choices, green building, reducing carbon emissions, donation of excess food, and much more. Full details of the LVCVA’s green movement can be found on their website.

What eco-friendly tips do you think are most effective?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Smartly Manage the Food and Beverage Minimum

Providing all of the food and beverages for an event can sometimes be a struggle. Event budgets and meeting venue food and beverage minimums don’t always match, resulting in a delicate balancing act. What can an event planner do to smartly manage the food and beverage minimums? has three great tips on managing food and beverage minimums. These tips can help when an event planner is in a pickle, or wants to spend more wisely. These tips include:
  • Ask for extra incentives for going over the food and beverage minimum. Negotiate extra suites or other items into the contract if the event is already going to exceed the venue’s food and beverage minimum.
  • Discover the per-day food and beverage minimum. This will help with budgeting before entering into negotiations with the venue.

These few tips can help event planners spend their food and beverage budget more wisely.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Event Lessons to Learn From the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the largest sports event in the United States and whether you were rooting for the Broncos or the Eagles this past Sunday, Super Bowl XLVIII taught us about much more than football. An article from the Trade Show News Network outlines some major event marketing tools the Super Bowl utilizes that others should learn from.
  1. Reach a larger audience: As with any event, you should not aim to engage only the attendees that are present. Also seek to engage others remotely via technology that cannot attend in person
  2. Encourage attendee participation: Doritos upped the ante with their marketing by asking fans to create their own Super Bowl commercials for a shot at a hefty prize. Engage your event attendees to participate in creative ways such as contests or social sharing.
  3. Social media: More and more advertisers are incorporating social handles and hashtags in their Super Bowl ads to keep people talking well after the ad has aired. Using social media and hashtags at events is proven to be a successful way to place more eyes on your event. 
    Photo Courtesy of Yahoo Sports

The Super Bowl is not just about football anymore. It is the epitome of large scale corporate event planning and marketing that can serve as a guide and barometer of current event trends if you know what to look for.