Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Microsoft Aims to Make Augmented Reality a Reality in 2015

Tech giant, Microsoft, recently announced the launch of its newest product Hololens. Hololens would be a new piece of wearable technology (think Google Glass) that creates a series of 3D holograms for a user to interact with fully. Microsoft is touting the device as “a new medium to express creativity, a more efficient way to teach and learn, and a more effective way to visualize your work and share ideas. “

So what could this mean for events in the future?
Hololens could potentially bring a whole new meaning to an immersive events experience. Many fun options could be available depending on your type of event. Throwing an education based user conference? The Hololens could enable users to interact directly with digital content a speaker is presenting or teaching about. Have sponsors or exhibitors at your event? The new tool could be a great way to display new products and features in a hands-on way.

Details are still emerging about the new technology but you can learn more by visiting the Hololens page on Microsoft’s website. What do you think of this new advancement in technology? Comment below and let us know if you would ever use this at one of your events.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Drive-to Meetings an Easier, Less Expensive Alternative

Destination meetings aren’t a solution for everything. What if a company doesn’t have the budget for air travel, or is only looking for a short-term solution? An excellent alternative is the drive-to meeting.

Drive-to meetings eliminate a hefty transportation budget. These meetings are usually held very close to a client’s office, so a plane ride isn’t necessary. If the meeting is close enough, you can also save on overnight accommodations as your client’s employees drive home instead of to a hotel after the meeting.

If you client isn’t comfortable with each employee driving their personal vehicles, recommend a travel alternative such as a bus service or carpooling. Not only will your client’s mind be at rest, it’s a great way to promote a green initiative.

Drive-to meetings are a smart alternative for clients looking to stay close to home. They also provide a great savings benefit compared to air travel, and an opportunity to promote green initiatives. If your client doesn’t want a destination meeting, suggest a drive-to meeting.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Trimming Wi-Fi Costs for 2015

It’s no secret to event planners or anyone else that we live in a digital world. This is a way of life that will only strengthen as we go farther in 2015. The common thread with all of our tech toys is the need to be connected to the masses via the internet. This makes Wi-Fi access a must for any event or meeting. Convene recently released a short article detailing ways event planners can cut back on Wi-Fi costs. Our favorite tips are:

Develop a history of how your events typically use Internet services: Have an estimate of peak bandwidth usage and peak number of wireless devices connected so that you don’t overpay. 

Don’t be afraid to ask your potential venue questions: Know what you’re working with by asking important questions, such as who their internet service provider is and how much bandwidth the space has.

Consider outside bids for Wi-Fi service: If you don’t think your venue can handle your Wi-Fi needs or if you simply want a better price point don’t be afraid to consider outside vendors.

Check out the full article for the rest of the helpful money-saving tips. Do you have something you do to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to Wi-Fi? Share with us in the comments section below!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Are Drones the Future of Major Events?

When most people think of drones their first thoughts probably go to military tactics and surveillance but that image could be changing. Fashion house Fendi made news this year when it teamed with Parrot, YouTube, and Google to livestream their Fendi F/W 2014-15 Runway Show via a A.R. Drone 2.0.
High-definition cameras attached to three drones captured an aerial view of the runway show in February and broadcasted the action live to a global audience via The event was touted as the world’s first flying catwalk. Those not lucky enough to score a front-row seat to the fashion show were able to watch the livestream on Google+, YouTube, and Fendi’s website. The event garnered an astounding 50 million impressions on social media from those watching at home.
Fendi’s event marked the first time drone technology has been used to broadcast a live major event. With the overwhelming success it seems only a matter of time before other events begin utilizing this technology in creative and innovative ways. How do you think drones would fare at your events? Share in the comments section below and weigh in on this new use of tech!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Enhance Attendee Engagement with Hands-On Activities

Engaging event attendees is an issue planners sometimes struggle with.  Planners have thought of various ways to address the problems, such as integrating technology and gamification. But what about actively engaging attendees with hands-on activities like drawing? shared some helpful tips on how to use doodling to have a successful meeting. A few of their tips include:
  • Allow your attendees to draw during lessons and presentations. Guide them to integrate key words into their drawing.
  • Encourage your attendees to draw freely and spontaneously. The drawings don’t have to be perfect because the attendees will know the meaning behind their individual creations.

Encouraging attendees to draw during a meeting or event is a great way to spark their creative centers. How do you enhance attendee engagement?

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Make Your Halloween Party a Thriller This Year

With Halloween just around the corner there is no better city to celebrate spooky fun than Las Vegas. Planning to skip the trick or treating and throw your own frightening party this year? We have some fun tips for throwing the spookiest bash to keep monsters and ghouls talking all year long.
1-Create an atmosphere:  Depending on how effective you want your d├ęcor to be this can range from just a few strategically placed decorations to an over the top production that will leave your space undistinguishable from a real haunted house. (We favor the latter!)
2-Have a theme: Know what you want your attendees to experience and stick with it. Classic Halloween party themes include: a graveyard, haunted house, chop shop, and famous monsters. With Halloween themes the sky is the limit!
3-It’s all about the details: Little details like creepy themed food and cocktails can take your party over the edge and gives a whole new meaning to “finger food”. Check out some fabulously frightening hors d'oeuvres and cocktail ideas from Southern Living.

October 31st will be here before you know it and as luck would have it Halloween falls on a Friday this year. Combine this with our helpful tips and the options are boundless for your Halloween event. Share your party ideas with us in the comment section below.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Catering Trends for 2015

This year has provided us with some great ideas for events, such as LED carpeting. With 2015 around the corner, it’s time to look at some early trends for next year.

We’ve previously talked about how to deal with food and beverage, so let’s take a look at a few of the catering trends has laid out for next year. They include:

  • An uptick in local sourcing. People are more aware of where their food is sourced, and local sourcing of foods reduces the carbon footprint at events.
  • Gourmet ice cream combos. It’s a lot easier to experiment with flavors when you can use liquid nitrogen on whatever your attendees’ desire.
  • Biscuits will become the new comfort food.

Those are just a few of the trends outlined by What other catering trends for 2015 do you see happening?