Thursday, March 26, 2015

Budget Smartly to Reduce Event Planning Costs

Staying within budget is always a challenge. As an event planner, it’s essential to go into event planning with a solid budget plan in place. has a few tips on how you can reduce your event planning costs through budgeting wisely. These tips include:
  • Flexibility with the event venue and timing. Write down your event needs, and think outside the box when considering which venues to consider. Being creative with a bare bones venue might save you money in the end.
  • Un-bundle the services bundle. Check to see if going with a-la-carte offerings are cheaper overall than bundled services.
  • Volunteers are your friend. Recruit volunteers with specific talents that fit your needs. Using volunteers might save you some serious cash compared to vendor options.

These are a few examples that can help reduce event planning costs. Leave a comment with your budget saving ideas.

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Maximize Event Marketing Through Social Media

The event sphere continues to integrate itself more and more with technology. One such technology that continues its rise is social media.

We’ve talked previously about how you can strategically approach social media at your events. To improve upon that, how can you maximize your event’s marketing using social media?

  • Scheduling social media content ahead of time. This will help increase your exposure online, and help avoid dead time during busy event periods.
  • Tie in a social media contest. This will help increase interest in your booth at a trade show.
  • Capture and share moments of the event. Taking video and pictures can help connect you to people who were unable to attend the event.

These tips can help increase your event marketing. What other ways can you maximize your event marketing through social media?

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Increase the Efficiency of Meeting Setup

It’s easy to get caught up in planning the details of a meeting. However, that doesn't mean setting it all up has to be a chore.

The Cvent blog has provided six tips to increase the efficiency of meeting setup. These tips include:
  • Color code each item to easily identify which items go where.
  • Organize participant supplies before the event for quick distribution.
  • Pack supplies for each participant table together.

These quick tips will help increase the efficiency of meeting setup time. Use them effectively, and meeting setups won’t be quite as stressful.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Using Event Tech to Engage Attendees

Getting attendees to interact at any event is almost a fine art. They’re inundated with tons of information, and might experience technology overload as well. So how can you successfully engage your attendees with event tech and avoid overload?

The Boomset Blog has four great event tech ideas to help keep attendees engaged and avoid overload. These include:
  • Let them use their own technology to their advantage. Encourage them to take photos and videos using their own cell phones and cameras, and post them to a social media wall.
  • Make data easily accessible. Set up a Bluetooth signal attendees can connect to in order to access information quick and easy while on the go.
These are just a couple of ideas to leverage event tech to engage attendees. What are some ideas that have helped you successfully engage event attendees?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Food and Beverage Trends for 2015

Knowing the latest trends is a must, especially when it comes to food and beverage. Make the wrong catering choices and the event can suffer.

How will the food and beverage selections change for 2015? Convene Magazine lists eight food and beverage trends on the rise. These trends include:
  • Gluten-free foods now an expected option at events.
  • Crafting global flavors from locally sourced foods is on the rise.
  • Be prepared to offer unique tea and coffee offerings.
  • Customizable street foods will increase in popularity.

These trends are starting to take hold, so plan accordingly. What other trends should event professionals expect in 2015? 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Keeping Events Safe with Cyber Security

The digital era has been a blessing to many event professionals, but it’s also presented challenges as well. With events relying more on digital support, it’s important to focus on how to keep information safe.

Digital data is everywhere, from emails with sensitive event information such as budgets, to attendee lists. All of this data is critical to protect not only the event, but attendee privacy as well. featured an excellent article about the importance of cyber security. The article addresses three areas of concern:
  • Event Wi-Fi access. Do you know how your Wi-Fi is provided? Is access free and open, or password encrypted?
  • Identity theft. How do you ensure your attendees are protected from attacks via portable cell phone towers?
  • Event kiosks. USB ports offer cyber attackers easy access to critical information. How can you prevent that from happening?
Cyber security is an ever-increasing area of concern for event professionals. How are you ensuring that your events are safe from cyber attacks?

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Microsoft Aims to Make Augmented Reality a Reality in 2015

Tech giant, Microsoft, recently announced the launch of its newest product Hololens. Hololens would be a new piece of wearable technology (think Google Glass) that creates a series of 3D holograms for a user to interact with fully. Microsoft is touting the device as “a new medium to express creativity, a more efficient way to teach and learn, and a more effective way to visualize your work and share ideas. “

So what could this mean for events in the future?
Hololens could potentially bring a whole new meaning to an immersive events experience. Many fun options could be available depending on your type of event. Throwing an education based user conference? The Hololens could enable users to interact directly with digital content a speaker is presenting or teaching about. Have sponsors or exhibitors at your event? The new tool could be a great way to display new products and features in a hands-on way.

Details are still emerging about the new technology but you can learn more by visiting the Hololens page on Microsoft’s website. What do you think of this new advancement in technology? Comment below and let us know if you would ever use this at one of your events.