Friday, August 9, 2013

Stretch the Meeting Budget Without Skimping

Successfully staying within a budget is a challenge. Meeting the expectations of a client without sacrificing quality is a balancing act. We’ve provided examples of how to budget wisely for food and beverage, but how else can a planner successfully stretch their budget without sacrificing quality?

Cvent highlights 15 strategies to stretch the meeting budget. A few examples include:
  • When planning a meeting, select a local venue. Selecting a nearby venue can help cut transportation costs.
  • Go green. Cut out the paper and use technology to your advantage. Provide the presentation digitally instead of printing out copies.
  • Save on room costs. Provide double occupancy rooms, or other options such as suites that house multiple guests.
These strategies provide a great foundation for cost savings. What other ways can you stretch the meeting budget?

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