Friday, January 17, 2014

Philips Lighting the Way with LED Carpeting

Photo via Gizmag
Imagine walking down a carpeted hallway at an event, trying to navigate your way to a workshop. You look down and find a lighted arrow and description glowing in the carpet, leading you to the correct destination. This dream is soon to become a reality.

Philips, the consumer electronics company, is developing an LED-embedded carpet for scenarios similar to the one described above. Partnering with carpet producer Desso, Philips plans to release fully programmable carpets to help limit signage on wall spaces in high-traffic indoor areas such as airports and hotels.

Thanks to the programmable nature of the LED carpeting, there are many ways event planners could take advantage of the technology. From simple directions, to more complex designs and ambient lighting, this carpeting presents interesting options not available to event planners before in the areas of lighting and design.

Philips plans to release the carpeting sometime in 2014.


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