Thursday, March 26, 2015

Budget Smartly to Reduce Event Planning Costs

Staying within budget is always a challenge. As an event planner, it’s essential to go into event planning with a solid budget plan in place. has a few tips on how you can reduce your event planning costs through budgeting wisely. These tips include:
  • Flexibility with the event venue and timing. Write down your event needs, and think outside the box when considering which venues to consider. Being creative with a bare bones venue might save you money in the end.
  • Un-bundle the services bundle. Check to see if going with a-la-carte offerings are cheaper overall than bundled services.
  • Volunteers are your friend. Recruit volunteers with specific talents that fit your needs. Using volunteers might save you some serious cash compared to vendor options.

These are a few examples that can help reduce event planning costs. Leave a comment with your budget saving ideas.

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